Scribbled objections

Olive Schreiner worked for many years with the Women's Enfranchisement League, a body established to fight for the rights of (white) women to vote. Over time, Schreiner began to see the limitations of the League's approach, which failed to take into account the needs and rights of South Africa's black population. Witness a key moment when she seemed to have lost her illusions about the organisations, scribbling objections all over a copy of the League's constitution.

"See an image of the Women's Enfranchisement League constitution with Schreiner's comments.

- Schreiner's handwritten comments scrawled over a Women's Enfranchisement League leaflet from First, R and Scott, A, Olive Schreiner, London: Andre Deutsch, 1980, p. 263

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"If a race or class is willing to demonstrate and do and die for freedom they will ultimately be free"
Olive Schreiner
Olive Schreiner
Picture: © Sunday Times


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