February 4 1893 — November 22 1988
Marco Cianfanelli with the contoured concrete memorial he sculpted in honour of Raymond Dart, who discovered the Taung Skull, proving that Africa is the birthplace of humankind.
Picture: Alex Dodd

A new home for history

To mark its 100th year of publication in 2006, the Sunday Times embarked on a project to erect a trail of memorials across South Africa to commemorate some of the remarkable people and events that made history from 1906 - 2006.

As part of the project, this online museum was created to showcase these memorials, bringing them together with a rich range of audio, video and archival resources from the last 100 years in South African history.

How it all beganOn March 9, 2006, our first memorial - a playful statue of Brenda Fassie - was unveiled. Charlotte Bauer explains the thinking behind the project .

Public art meets history’s heart Memorials can be many things, so why did we ask contemporary local artists to make ours? Lesley Perkes and Monna Mokoena explain.

Heritage virgins come of age Sunday Times editor Mondli Makhanya discovers how much our memorials mean to the communities that helped us bring them to life.

Who says history’s boring? Oliver Roberts reviews the original Sunday Times Heritage Project site and finds a multimedia must-have for anyone who didn’t pay attention in history class.

BIG MAN GOES BUST: Johannesburg Central Police Station, September 1997ce Station, September 1997

In September 1997, the notorious John Vorster Square was renamed and transformed into Johannesburg Central Police Station. The bronze bust of Vorster was removed to the police museum.

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Bringing archives to the people

In 2006-7, the South African History Archive (SAHA) teamed up with the Sunday Times Heritage Project to source and develop the archival and educational material on this website. Find out more about the organisation and its involvement in this project.

An archive for the people

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