Threats and Ultimatums

You are warned however that any resistance to lawful authority will be drastically dealt with.

ENOCH MGIJIMA and ALL associated with him and styling themselves "ISRAELITES" at NTABELANGA.

YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED that upon instructions of the government, I have come to Queenstown and will arrive at Ntabelanga on Monday the 23rd instant with adequate force to carry out certain orders which are detailed hereunder namely:-

1. To arrest certain men against whom warrants have been issued in order that they should be dealt with according to law.
2. To see that all unauthorized residents leave Ntabelanga and go back to where they came from.
3. To destroy all houses erected without authority.
4. On completion of these operations a Force will be left on Ntabelanga to prevent any unauthorised resident squatting there.

Every one's person and property will be respected.

YOU ARE WARNED however that any resistance to lawful authority will be drastically dealt with.

South African Police
21st May 1921

- Letter from Colonel Theo Truter to Enoch Mgijima, May 21, 1921, National Archives, Pretoria, Jus. Vol 288, Ref. 2/853/20



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"You take your orders from the government. I take mine from Jehovah."
Enoch Mgijima
Captured Israelites, 1921
Picture © Museum Africa


Historical documents: Clues to a terrible tragedy

In this lesson plan, learners are encouraged, through their study of historical documents, to explore the reasons for a religious group risking their lives to defy General Smuts's government in 1921. Learners will also be asked to think about why the government and its police used violent force against the so-called Israelites.

Lesson plan
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