Beating the Competition



"The results of the May Esther Bedford competition (art section) are as follow:-

"First prize (£20): Mr. G. Pember [sic], Kingwilliamstown. [sic]

"Second Prize (£5): Mr. G. Sekoto, Khaiso Secondary School, Pietersburg

"There were six entrants and although this number is small it is by no means surprising when it is borne in mind that the development of art among the Bantu does not receive much encouragement even in Bantu schools.

"Professor Winter-Moore and Mrs. Bates, both of the Art School, Rhodes University College, Grahamstown, were the judges.

"With the help of a grant from the Bantu Welfare Trust, Mr. Pember [sic] has been receiving training at the Art School, Rhodes University College, Grahamstown."

- "Art Among the Bantu", Natal Mercury, December 10, 1937


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"Draw from life and imagination. Keep away from strong drink. "
George Pemba
George Pemba and Dolly Rathebe


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See Pemba painting at an easel in his garden, and what the memorial in front of his house looks like.
George Pemba at work
A short extract from the 1995 documentary, George Pemba: Painter of the People, which shows Pemba at work