Banned, Again

On June 5, 1972, Lilian Ngoyi wrote: "Months are becoming shorter to bring November nearer me. I ask myself this question: will my banning order be lifted or will it be forgotten? Since 1961 I have lived with it. Maybe it will be renewed. If so, God give me the courage not to weaken."

And, then, on January 17, 1973, the jubilant news: "My love, on the 30th of November '72 two Special Branch men came to my house to tell me that at midnight same day my ban is expiring and will not be renewed. I did not know whether to jump or cry, but at least I can now be with other women after 11 years. Do rejoice with me. I felt I could blow a horn to tell those of my friends who have went along with me. I still have the fear when I'm with other women that I'm breaking some of the South African laws."

From December 1, 1972 until June 1975, Ngoyi tasted freedom - but it was not to last. On June 12, 1975, the reviled Minister of Justice, Jimmy Kruger, signed a second banning order that would last until May 31, 1980. By then, however, Ngoyi had died.

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"I am hoping with confidence that, before I die, I will see change in this country."
Lilian Ngoyi
Lilian Ngoyi at her sewing machine.
Picture: © Bailey’s History Archive


Personal letters as historical sources

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