A Countryman in Clerk's Clothing

Below is a transcript of the letter from George Pemba to "Mfundisi", written at the Temperance Hotel, King William's Town, on July 20, 1935.

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"Dear Mfundisi,

"I really find it rather awkward to write to you during your absence following the letter you wrote to me from Yale University.

"I only wish to remind you that I am still in existence. After a whole six months clerical work out at Port Elizabeth I have finally come to settle (I hope) at King William's Town as I have been appointed here as an Assistant Teacher at the Higher Mission School.

"The atmosphere is a different one to me, but I think I will prefer it as an open-air-life lover. I like rural life in spite of having been born and bred in a town.

"With best wishes and kind greetings,"I remain,"Sincerely yours,

"Geo M. Pemba"

- Letter from George Pemba to "Mfundisi", July 20, 1935, Cory Library, Rhodes University, Grahamstown



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"Draw from life and imagination. Keep away from strong drink. "
George Pemba
George Pemba and Dolly Rathebe


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